Programs for Department Administrators


Staff contact: Amanda Weidner,

This preconference workshop held before the ADFM Annual Conference is designed to address critical knowledge and skills unique to that of directing the financial and administrative functions within a department of family medicine. The kinds of issues commonly addressed are: sharing best practices and success stories; developing and managing compensation plans; managing faculty recruitment; managing relationships with state, other government, and private funders; clinic management including practice transformation (PCMH and beyond); chair-administrator partnership; the role of the administrator in the department; and managing departmental resources.

To access previous ADFM Administrators Preconference Materials, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Hover over the "Annual Conference" menu until you see the drop-down menu 
  3. To the right side, you will see "Past Conference Resources"
  4. Select whichever year you would like to view materials for (All previous years are password protected for our members, so you will need to log in first.) 



Staff contact: Sam Elwood,

A formal peer partner program that pairs seasoned ADFM Administrators (more than 3 years in a department) with new ADFM Administrators (less than 3 years) in family medicine departments that are closely related. The participant receives assistance with the transition to a department of family medicine administrative role and improves knowledge, skills and abilities related to that role. 

More information is available here.