ADFM Committees

ADFM has a number of Strategic and Operational Committees that undertake the main work of the organization.

Leader Development Committee

Working to improve leadership capacity of our membership and to increase the pool of individuals interested in and prepared to become senior leaders of family medicine, particularly from underrepresented groups.

Education Transformation Committee

Working to transform undergraduate and graduate medical education to meet the workforce needs of the healthcare system of the future.

Research Development Committee

Working to strengthen the research and scholarship capacity of the discipline.

Healthcare Delivery Transformation Committee

Working to help departments and their institutions advance the Quadruple Aim by successfully navigating a dynamically changing care delivery environment.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Working to ensure integration of diversity across ADFM priorities

Advocacy Committee

Working to build family medicine department members’ capacities to promote effective advocacy.

Administrators' Steering Committee

Oversees the operations of the Administrator members of ADFM

Membership Committee

Oversees the ADFM membership process and reviews applications for membership

Nominations Committee

Reviews nominations for ADFM leadership positions

Finance Committee

Oversees the finances of ADFM